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Peruvian Mountains Adventures Expeditions Cordillera Blanca Huayhuash Cusco

domingo, 2 de octubre de 2011

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Peruvian Mountains  Adventures & Expeditions would like to extend our warmest welcome to you to come and join us in our beautiful Cordillera Huayhuash Peru. We know our country is beautiful, fringed by mountains, ribboned with rivers and covered by the painted blue sky, everyday we are mesmerized buy her rich and vibrant culture and we want to bring you here so you can embrace this land which is the closest thing to paradise. Let us share our secret with you. Let yourself be free and come and join us in beautiful Expeditions, the place where you can have a holiday for your mind, body and soul.
Let your eyes grace this majestic countryside, feel the fresh breeze from the snow capped peaks as your feet wander our many trekking trails, listen to the soft mummer of children's laughter and the melody of monks at prayer as it drifts to your ears amidst the heady scent of butter candles and ploughed earth. Feel the thrill up your spine as your eyes watch the sun slide above the horizon and turn the snowy peaks pink on its journey towards the sky, an image that will not leave your mind. Experience the feeling of complete silence amidst the wilderness of high altitude pastures, alpine forests, motionless emerald lakes and pure white snow fields. Open up your world to a new experience and come travel in  Cordillera Blanca Peru today.
At Pathfinder Expeditions we offer our wealth of experience and knowledge and our passion for the Peruvian Mountains

Our philosophy about travel at Pathfinder Expeditions, is to be flexible, exciting and affordable. We offer the very best service at the most competitive prices and of course our clients needs are of the up most importance to us. We are completely flexible when it comes to planning itineraries and tour packages for our clients and take into account their every need and desire to make for them a holiday that they will cherish and remember for many years to come.
By using our services to arrange your travel into Peru we guarantee that you will be able to relax and enjoy your holiday to the fullest as we take care of all the planning and minor details for you. We are culturally and environmentally sensitive and apply these values to ensure that you have the best opportunities to interact with local peoples and the stunning natural environment. By booking with us you are sure to witness firsthand the rich cultural tapestry that is to be found in this region. We also place a strong focus on awareness of the natural world and make every effort to travel in a very environmentally sensitive way.  Peruvian Expeditions  sponsors various environmental awareness programs across Peru as well as social development programs. We believe strongly that education about the delicate natural world of Peru.

PERUVIAN MOUNTAINS E.I.R.L.  was founded by Rodolfo Reyes Oropeza ( Certified Oficial Mountain Guide ) who live in the Cordillera Blanca and who have a real passion for the region. Our vast experience in the service industry and knowledge of the region give us a real edge over our competitors and we are most confidant that we can make your trip as seamless as possible.
We would love to share our magical mountains and culture with you. We look forward to hearing from you soon and welcoming you to Peruvian Mountains .

Our Services
At Peruvian Mountains  we cover all aspects of travel, trekking and adventure in Peru Cordillera Blanca Cordillera Huayhuash Cordillera raura including Cordillera real - Bolivia  Ecuador, Argentina . Aconcagua , Chile - Torres del Paine. Our services cover-

Want to stand on top of the HuascaranAlpamayo chopicalqui pisco tocllaraju artesonraju Let us arrange for you a mountaineering expedition to climb some of the Peruvian  taleest peaks. We take care of all the logistics and put you right where you want to be on top.

Peak Climbing
For the less advanced climber, Peru has an outstanding selection of trek up and climbing peaks below 5000m. We arrange expedtions for you and give you the best cahnce of success and gain the needed experaince to go on and bag an 6,768m summit.

With an infinate choice when it comes to trekking, we can offer advice and itinieraries to cover all trekking routes in Cordillera Blanca  santa cruz - circuit cedros alpamayo - olleros chavin Cordillera Huayhuash Cordillera raura including Cordillera Real Bolivia  Ecuador and tailor made treks to suit your needs. Our professional services provides guides, accommodation, meals and camping treks to trekkers of all levels.

Mountain Biking
In Huaraz, you can find some of the best mountain biking trails in the world. We offer a range of long and short tour and day trips for all levels of rider, from advanced down hill to easy back lanes and temples. Biking is a great and enviromentally friendly way to explore Huaraz. We have quality bikes for hire and all our guides are great ridersa nd machanics.
Package tours
We can arrange any form of package tour from adventure to golfing to family holidays. We tailor make packages to suit the needs, budget and interests of our clients. We offer a huge range of tours that cover everything from Educational Tours to Birdwatching Tours to Adrenaline Rush Tours, or we can tailor make your own personal package.

Rock Climbing
Hone your climbing skills on some of Huaraz natural and man made climbing rock walls. we can arrange day and extended rock climbing course and tours.

• City Tours
 We arrange group ( shared service) tours and private tours llanganuco tours, laguna 69, paron lake, pastorury tours, chavin, willcacocha lake. and trekking in all parts of the Cordillera Blanca .
cordillera huayhuash mountain range. Peruvian Mountains will take care of your permits and visas.

For more details and informations contact us  and visit our web site Peruvian Mountains